Sunday, 28 October 2012

Signs of My Place

How do I know where I belong?

Not here

This tells me I'm close

This is my neighbourhood

My creek sings a welcome song.

The forest gets all dressed up when I'm near

I know where I belong.

Changing Path

The path changes day by day
straight through wonders
screeching around sharp corners of worry
hesitating in a forest of doubt
slowly stalking the years
encountering others
stretching out into some future
wide open to possibility.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cliff Walk

Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park
7 km up, way up
2 paws up

A shady trail with squirrels and chipmunks, lots of pups with their long legged humans. There is no water so be sure your humans pack extra for you. You'll get thirsty here. Bring a leash, you may be tempted to explore the edge of the cliff!


There is a change going on around me. I sense it in my paws and with my nose. There are less lazy hours relaxing on the deck, fewer campfires and bar-b-ques, and less bugs sucking my blood. There are more hours getting firewood for the woodstove, more chilly mornings of frost and soup is back on the menu. My fur is thick and shaggy, collecting up dried seeds and grass and dust. It's another beautiful season for me to explore and enjoy. I am Thankful.