Sunday, 6 January 2013


I have asked myself why. Why don't humans nap more often? Why don't I eat cookies exclusivley? Why do I have to bath? Why do I have to stay home?

As a pup, I have lots of questions. I also have a few answers, especially about those with 2 legs. No matter how hard they try, humans will never be pups. They just can't seem to get it right. They never know when a game of fetch is over. They never understand when to nap. They can't shake and stretch with abandon. They are poor at chewing and they almost never like a belly rub.

My adivce to humans-be happy as humans and leave the canine life to us pups. I know they will not be content with this, however. They will attempt, with the best and most loving of intentions, to make pups into humans. It is not amusing.

I am not a human.

My Friend Winter

My friend winter has delivered some gifts.
Pure, fresh snow,
brilliant crystals of ice
true blue skies,

Snow that muffles and cushions,
ice to sharpen and focus,
blue to blanket
my sanctuary.
Thank you, my friend.