Thursday, 25 September 2014

Glaciers and Giants

Perley Rock Trail
approx. 8 hours rt
Glacier National Park

 A long trail through the serious forest
boulder hopping through a rockslide of pikas
moraine walking
heather meadows of marmots
steep rocky slopes
streaming waterfalls
glaciers of awe

Avalanche Crest Trail
Approx. 4 1/2 hrs rt
Glacier National Park

a long, long, long time going up
past intimidating cedars and grandfather hemlocks
you will enjoy the small meadow with it's bridge and stream
a perfect pond for a quick dip.
a meadow of marmots, fat and whistling
and then a short steep slope up to the ridge
the sun shines hot


Iceline Trail
Approx. 13 km, 5 hours rt
Yoho National Park

A fast way to leave the forest behind!
The first section of the trail is steep and winding.
There are lots of rocks, ponds and streams.
There are humans but very few pups.

Paget Lookout Trail
Approx. 7 km, 3 1/2 hours rt
Yoho National Park

Through a cool shady forest
up a rocky slope
A little house on a hill
a room with a view.

Jade Pass

Jade Pass Trail
Approx. 5 hours rt
Mt. Revelstoke National Park

A trail with meadows and streams
rocks and plenty of humans
You will need a leash for this one
Even in fall, you may find a friendly and refreshing snowslope
A picnic at the pass. I recommend it!