Sunday, 28 October 2012

Signs of My Place

How do I know where I belong?

Not here

This tells me I'm close

This is my neighbourhood

My creek sings a welcome song.

The forest gets all dressed up when I'm near

I know where I belong.

Changing Path

The path changes day by day
straight through wonders
screeching around sharp corners of worry
hesitating in a forest of doubt
slowly stalking the years
encountering others
stretching out into some future
wide open to possibility.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cliff Walk

Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park
7 km up, way up
2 paws up

A shady trail with squirrels and chipmunks, lots of pups with their long legged humans. There is no water so be sure your humans pack extra for you. You'll get thirsty here. Bring a leash, you may be tempted to explore the edge of the cliff!


There is a change going on around me. I sense it in my paws and with my nose. There are less lazy hours relaxing on the deck, fewer campfires and bar-b-ques, and less bugs sucking my blood. There are more hours getting firewood for the woodstove, more chilly mornings of frost and soup is back on the menu. My fur is thick and shaggy, collecting up dried seeds and grass and dust. It's another beautiful season for me to explore and enjoy. I am Thankful.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lunch with The Hermit

Hermit Basin Trail, Glacier National Park
Short and steep
4 paws up

Here is is trail to test your lung capacity! There are streams to cool you off, squirrels and marmots for amusement and not many humans or dogs. The plants are colourful and the late season huckleberries are sweet.

This is my second visit with The Hermit. He is still sitting alone on top of the mountain with nothing to say.

The basin is a pup's playground with rocks, streams and meadows to explore.

He needed a rest after all the whistling!

Dipper...a perfect name for the bird that bobs in water.

Monday, 10 September 2012


I've viewed the world from the tops of mountains
I've had my head in the mystery of the clouds,
My voice has echoed through high places
As I sing the songs of awe.

And yet

My feet are down and my position is low
Low is what I know
and is my place of residence.

Being low, I enjoy the wonders of
a world that can be big
or small.
Being close to the earth, I'm
cradled and
covered and
grounded and
For connection, I am low.

When I am leading on the trail,

or following,

When I am off the trail,

with obstacles to surmount.

 Gems of the forest depths,

and curiosities are common.

Up above

or lower

and slower,

there is beauty

in the small world of the low.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ways of Relaxation

Humans have varied methods of relaxation, for example,

spinning wheels

fishing for blueberries

shooting beauty

the second heat of firewood


any kind of water thing you can think of

NOT relaxing are,

the first heat of firewood

fishing for dust bunnies

Pups have fewer methods of relaxation, for example,

the nap

another nap

There is a place where the relaxation of humans and canines meet,

and it is good.

The Edge

Helmcken Falls Rim Trail
Wells Gray Provincial Park
2 paws up

Don't go here if you get vertigo. But if you are like me and you enjoy waterfalls, take this trail. It is fairly level with lots of shade. There are not a lot of dogs or humans, but bring your leash for safety. You can get a drink along the way from the banks of the refreshing Murtle River.

Flowers and Falls

Trophy Meadows Hike
Wells Gray Provincial Park
2 paws up

This is where the flowers live!
If you go on this trail, you will find streams where you can drink and a lake or two at the "end" of the trail.
There is no shade from the sun for a long time. You will meet other dogs and their humans. You'll need your leash. Humans love this kind of and such.

Moul Falls Hike
Wells Gray Provincial Park
1 paw up

This is a short easy trail. Be sure your humans don't cop out at the top of the falls. Get them down the stairs to the base of the falls, where the action is! This is where you can finally get a drink and get wet. You will need your leash. If you're furry, you will find this to be very hot on a sunny day.


I watched the bird
lost and awkward
broken legged
tentatively seeking
a place

like a fourteen year old

I watched the buck
slender and confident
open eyed
calmly finding
a place

like a forty year old

I watched the turtle
still and wise
solidly grounded
finally knowing
a place

like an elder

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Hi, it's me! Due to some technology and human malfunctions I've decided to start a new Blog. My old one "" is still there if you want to see it.

It's summer now and I guess I don't need to tell you what happened to the guy at the cabin last winter with the toque and red scarf. He disappeared and left behind his heart. I have a feeling he loves it there and will be back.

This has been a sunny season of friends and family. There have been lots of hikes in the mountains and some canoeing. Here is a photo montage of the months since I last wrote...

                                                                       Me at Mt. Rose

                                                                   Me at Sheila Lk.
                                                              Me at Caligata Lk.
                                                       Me contemplating tennis vs fetch

                                                                 Me at Moul Falls
                                                              Me chillin' on the deck

                                                             It's not just about me....