Sunday, 17 February 2013


The picnic is the perfect thing. It begins with an idea. The idea causes bustling about in the cupboards and fridge. There is increased chatter with questions and exclamations. The talk of foods; savoury and sweet, crisp and creamy, steaming hot and chilled. The feast takes shape and is ready to move.

The picnic is the perfect thing. It is conducted outdoors. A site must be selected and arranged for comfort. There is viewing and discussion, disagreement and compromise. To be considered; sun and shadow, breeze and calm, birdsong and streamsong. The setting for the feast is chosen.

The picnic is the perfect thing. It is made for sharing. The company consists of those who are important and can appreciate the special event that is a picnic; those who love a little pickle in a sandwich, a crumbly piece of cake and are not bothered by a tiny bug in the iced tea.

Cheers! dear reader, may all your picnics be divine.

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