Wednesday, 24 July 2013


They begin to plan 9 months in advance. There are flights to book, accommodations to secure, sights and activities to prepare for. There are hours and hours spent studying this map and the other map. They have their noses stuck in a book as they read their way through a big stack piled up on the desk, taking up valuable Chili time. How many phone calls and emails? How many websites? Uncountable. They need to get their technology ready. GPS, Smart phone, IPad, sim card, batteries, cables, converters, cords. I detest the technology even more than books! They are absorbed with it all...what about me?

The talk is all about what to take. How many pairs of pants? Which boots? The down jacket or the fleece jacket? Which gloves? Will the hiking poles fit? Insect repellent and sunscreen? They forget to talk about belly rubs, fetch and walks. There is no talk of toys or treats.

They become frenzied. The lawn needs to be mowed, the yard tidied. The laundry needs to be done, fridge needs to be emptied. Piles of gear are stuffed into bags, pulled out, re-stuffed. Papers, books and maps are sorted and stashed. Early mornings and late nights, the pace is frantic. I stand by watching and wondering.

They claim they are going on a vacation.

I have had experience with the vacation and I have learned a good Chili lesson. While the humans jet off on "vacation", I join grandma for treats, walks, fetch, belly rubs, napping, and undivided attention. The Staycation is right for me.

Staycation with Grandma 

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