Monday, 16 September 2013


Table Mt. Trail
Wells Gray Provincial Park
approx. 670 m gained, 6.5 hrs return

Have patience, this trail climbs through the forest for a long time before rewarding you with it's alpine. After leaving Phillip Creek behind, there is only one place to lap up some water. Be sure to bring a water bottle. There were no other pups or humans on this trail, but there were some squirrels and birds. At the top is a long walk through hot meadows with very little shade on a sunny day. We stopped 150 m/2km from the summit. If you go, remember you will need 8 hours of daylight so you can get down the road before dark.

Battle Mountain, Phillip Mountain and Caribou Meadows

150 meters more to the summit, for another day

This is the big flat table part of Table Mountain.

One pooped pup crosses Phillip Creek on the last stretch before the parking lot.

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