Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fall Favourites: Yoho and Lake Louise

Iceline Trail
Approx. 5 hours return
Yoho National Park

The trail through the forest is steep with switchbacks.
Soon the forest is behind you and the way is rocky and rolling through moraine.

There is plenty of water for drinking and  swimming.
You will find lots of humans and some dogs. There are pikas calling from the rocks.

I took advantage of the lunch stop to have a well earned rest.

Saddleback Pass
Approx. 3 hours return
Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Enroute to the beautiful Fairview Peak, you will walk through the Saddleback Pass. This trail is steep in the forest, passing through some avalanche slopes. You will find lots of people and pups. There are not many places for a drink, so pack some water. In the meadow at the pass, you can run and explore while your humans look at the golden trees.

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