Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Flowers and Falls

Trophy Meadows Hike
Wells Gray Provincial Park
2 paws up

This is where the flowers live!
If you go on this trail, you will find streams where you can drink and a lake or two at the "end" of the trail.
There is no shade from the sun for a long time. You will meet other dogs and their humans. You'll need your leash. Humans love this kind of and such.

Moul Falls Hike
Wells Gray Provincial Park
1 paw up

This is a short easy trail. Be sure your humans don't cop out at the top of the falls. Get them down the stairs to the base of the falls, where the action is! This is where you can finally get a drink and get wet. You will need your leash. If you're furry, you will find this to be very hot on a sunny day.

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